• You were there…

  • You witnessed history in the making…

  • You were part of something bigger…

  • 1969 – Liverpool

    Anfield, Main Stand

  • 1995 – Barcelona

    Nou Camp, East Side

  • 1969 – Chelsea

    Stamford Bridge, East Stand

  • 1991 – Manchester City

    Maine Road, North Stand

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Coach Ian

Official Soccer Nut

Raised in England, Ian is a die-hard Chelsea supporter. He’s also a life-long player and a passionate youth coach – he has been coaching juniors for over 11 years. He’s lived and played in England, Hong Kong, and Canada, and he dreamed up this site when a pile of photos inherited by his mother-in-law turned out to be a veritable treasure trove of football history.  He lives, works, plays and coaches with his family of five in White Rock, BC.

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Football Connoisseur

GP supports Arsenal by blood, and Borussia Monchengladbach, Fiorentina & Germany by choice. He was born and raised in Canada, playing soccer with his team-sized family as soon as his motor-skills kicked in. He’s lived and played recreationally in the UK and Continental Europe, fostering an intricate interest in tactics, technique, and historic minutiae. He’s the blog man around here, so his brain is available for picking.

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